Ewell Windows have been installing bi folding doors in Surrey for many years and even before they became the lifestyle and must-have home improvement product they are today.

Our commitment to providing our customers with only the very highest quality products extends particularly to our bifolding doors. We provide what the industry now acknowledges to be the market leading aluminium sliding folding door on the market with many unique features. One of these features is the guarantee available on the product.


Our bi folding doors are made of Aluminium and PVCu, acknowledged by all the architects and industry professionals as being the most suitable material for bifolding doors.

ewell Windows' bifolding doors are all bespoke, manufactured in the UK and are configurable to suit your home, how you will actually use the doors and with a wide choice of hardware options.

Our bifolding doors have been designed from the ground up, not a modification of a swing door to create a sliding folding door like some other products.

Added to this high quality made to order product is the unrivalled craftsmanship and performance guarantees that accompany it.

The bifolding doors you will view at any of our West Ewell showroom comprise the highest quality components and running gear. The manufacturing processes and procedures that go to create our sliding folding doors are the very latest in technology, manufacturing and top quality materials.

We believe from our many years trading and with thousands of satisfied customers that our Aluminium and PVCu bifolding doors are the best you can buy.

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